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21 DEC


Register for the MAC or buy spectator tickets and get DSI-TV free for a month. User ID & Password can be found at the bottom of the instructions on the registration page.… read more

19 NOV

Want to help MAC?

Then click the donation button now! Become a sponsor and have your name up in lights, in the competition program and get a thank you from the dancers after the event then click the donation button and help our competitors continue to dance and the MAC continue provide this venue for our dancers and spectators enjoy this event for the next 27 years.… read more

The MAC is in trouble, and without your support (yes you), the MAC may not be held in 2018 or ever again. We're raising money now at

We have raised almost $5000, but the situation is critical. If we cannot raise an additional $15,000 by some means within the next month or so, the MAC will not be held.

We urgently need your help. If you have any ideas, please message or

Thank you to all those who have already contributed to our GoFundMe and to everyone who has spread the word.