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MAC Sponsors:

The MAC is run purely on the efforts of volunteers from the Greater NY Chapter of USA Dance, a non-profit organization. The MAC is the only all-amateur event which regularly awards scholarships to competitors of all levels. We do so through the generous donations from our supporters within and outside the dance community. All proceeds donated to the MAC Scholarship Fund go towards awarding scholarships to the dancers or to help defray the expenses of running the event.

Are you a fundraising professional or would like to help us with our fundraising efforts? We can use your assistance send e-mail to mac@nyusadance.org!

2018 Participating Vendors

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Practice Wear

Photography & Video


Please come back to this page frequently as we will continue to add vendors as we get closer to the event.

Our Sponsors

2018 Sponsors

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This year we would especially like to thank everyone listed here who donated to the "Save the MAC" fund either through the "GoFundMe" page or by direct contributions. Without all of you, this year may not have happened, and we cannot thank you enough. The ballroom community is enormously generous and we are gratified that you are all in our lives. We have past and current officials, past MAC champions and competitors, current champions and competitors, coaches, fellow NQE organizers, past and current volunteers and people who just wanted this primer dance competition to continue. We are grateful to each and every one of you for your support and if we've left anyone off this list please let us know and we'll add you.

  • Champions ($5000+)
    • ​Anonymous
    • Luisa Wang
  • Benefactors ($2000-$4999)
    • ​Lorenco Insustries Incorporated
  • Patrons ($1000-$1999)
    • Anonymous
    • Yang Chen
    • Caroline Corwin
  • Supporters ($500-$999)
    • ​John Burns
    • The Patrick and Antoinette Datoc Fund
    • ​Daphna Locker
  • Friends ($5-$499)
    • Colin & Aya
    • Malin Allert
    • Ilya Barmotin
    • Natasha Barrera
    • Nenea Blakemore
    • Elise Bui
    • Tammi Cody
    • Myra Coffield
    • Hannah Cole
    • George Cometa
    • Jerry Connolly
    • Alex Cordaro
    • Lauren Cremean
    • Jim DiCecca
    • Arkady Dudko
    • Lena Dudko
    • Nina Estrina
    • David & Nancy Fisher
    • Shawn Fisher
    • Kelly Freitas
    • Garry Gekhman
    • April Geyer
    • Louise Giuliano
    • Corey Griffiths
    • Khan Hannan
    • Clement Ho
    • Laura Karasek
    • Katherine Kaze
    • Jack Kellner
    • Larissa Kerbel
    • Susan King
    • Ma Lang
    • Babette Lazarus
    • Wayne LeBoeuf
    • Stacy Levy
    • Carmen Li
    • Daniel Libatique
    • Vivian Lin
    • Katerina Lu
    • Tamara Lubomirsky
    • Petra Mazhar
    • Brock & Charli Montgomery
    • Amanda Morris
    • JillianMoss
    • Eric Newbury
    • Chris Page
    • Kevin Payne
    • Adam Peacock
    • Shirish Phatak
    • Daisy Pommer
    • Angela Prince
    • Ilona Prouty
    • Susan & Jack Reinhold
    • Charles Richardson
    • Svitlana Romanenko
    • Debbie Russell
    • Tamara Russell
    • Diana Shilman
    • Renata Shvarts
    • Mircea Silaghi
    • Lisa Spencer
    • Patti Strauss
    • Carol Sutter
    • Sam Sye
    • David Taylor
    • Simona Vigodner
    • Katrina Volgina
    • Jessica Wang
    • Yulin Wang
    • Ken Wellens
    • Leland Whitney
    • Leigh Wieland
    • Scott Wight
    • Catherine Woo
    • Arlene Yu
    • Monty Yurchison

We would also like to thank our VIP ticket holders, whose contributions go directly into the MAC fund to further dancing at all levels.


For many years now, MAC and Junior MAC has have awarded substantial scholarships to the amateur athletes who excel at the competition. At the 2017 MAC, we were very proud to furnish such awards to the top three couples in almost every level and style of competitive dance. Our goal for 2018 is to, once again, award scholarships in every event danced at the MAC. We cannot do this without the help of other dance enthusiasts such as yourself.

You can take part in supporting our DanceSport athletes through our Donation program. If you would like to make to send a message to your favorite couple, your message can appear in the MAC program. NY USA Dance would be most grateful for your contribution to our scholarship fund and we know that aspiring (and current) DanceSport champions would appreciate the recognition of their achievements. We hope to present these messages to the entire ballroom throughout the competition via slides projected onto the screen. Please contact me with your message and the amount you'd like to donate. You can reach me at registrar@nyusadance.org.



Whisk - $1 per line

Up to fifteen words per line up to a maximum of five lines

Alemana - $10 to $15

One-eighth of a page

Feather - $16 to $40

Quarter page

Volta - $41 to $75

Half page

Telemark - Over $75

Full page

Please email me at registrar@mac.org with your message to be included in the program.

MACBacker is to be used for personal messages only, not for advertisements. We reserve the right to reject any messages or to edit them for considerations of space or content.

Please send your MAC backer check or money order made payable to NY USA Dance, no later than December 28, 2017, to NY USA Dance c/o Daphna Locker, 210 Bennett Ave. #6B, New York, NY 10040.